What We Need

As it is a policy that Ultimate Construction will only provide a quotation and not an estimation of works. It is imperative that we have all of the information that is necessary. We as a company are only as good as the information provided by you the client and want to achieve exactly what is it you want!

The most vital information when choosing to pursue a loft conversion, extension or any other project that would require building regulations, structural drawings or planning permission is to make sure that you have all of the drawings and specifications to hand. This way we can take all of this away and start the process of providing you with the most accurate of quotations.

Should you be in a position where you haven’t had the time to commission an architect or structural engineer then just ask and one of our team will put you in touch. We have our own and there is no obligation to use them – we will just simply send them over and once you have provided them with the information required a quotation for the works will be provided. If anything this just gives you a benchmark to work from. We offer a full submission service which means – once you have agreed that the drawings are correct – we submit them to planning and require building notices. This way you just sit back and wait for the letter informing you that your proposed project has been accepted.