At Ultimate Construction we make our payment policy totally transparent. Ultimate Construction as a rule will only provide you the client with a quotation & not an estimation for your proposed works. This way you will know exactly where you stand.

We understand that everyone has a budget to work from, our quotations are extremely well-detailed and very simple to understand.

Once you have accepted the quotation that you have been provided an acceptance letter will be sent to you clearly outlining payment terms. You will also receive a deposit invoice of which secures the proposed start date outlined within the acceptance letter. Once the payment has been received the start date will not change. The value of the deposit will vary depending on the value of the quotation.

This deposit will be held in our client’s deposit account. Ultimate Construction also work on a stage payment plan of which will also be outlined within the acceptance letter and will clearly explain at what stages of your project monies will be due. You as the client will always owe a minimum of 10% of the value of the original quotation of which is payable on completion of the works.